Timor-Leste as a Young Nation, Having the creation of the twentieth century, meeting XXI of the restoration of independence of May 20, 2002. Prior to the establishment of CCI-TL, private sector by the independent and homeless country to represent entrepreneurs and business in Timor-Leste. Most economic activity depends solely on government and public expenditure to achieve national development. In sikun, the kık business and entrepreneurial sector face obstacles such as the weak at capacity level, without access to capital and sidauk in the Law on land and property, as well as against problems, lack of Infrastructures, Airoportu, The port, electricity and other resources to provide support to business growth. However only, oil and natural gas revenues in the Timor Sea (Timor Gap) is a major financial source for Timor-Leste. When was established in April 2010, and the CCI-TL, give priority focus 3:

a). institutional consolidation, with the creation of the ICC all districts

b). Improve the training of the Management organization in the area of ​​Advocacy and

c). create Work Portfolio to meet the needs of members. Cci-TL to its fundamental than to be a government partner for economic development and as a representative organization to the business community. Cci-TL as the entrepreneurs will seek to explore their representation at national level and promote, through Resolution n. 17/2017, CCI-TL was recognition of the Timor-Leste government as Strategic Partner and the CCI-TL the national headquarters located in the capital In Dili, August 30th. 06, ACAIT